What is Manuka Honey?

What is Manuka Honey? Manuka Honey is honey made from the nectar of the flowering Manuka tree. The tree is native to, and grows mainly in New Zealand. Manuka honey has been termed a “super food”.  Furthermore  Manuka honey contains properties for its overall health and wellness. In the 1900’s research on Manuka honey was […]

5 reasons why you should be eating more manuka honey

Honey has long been praised for its healing properties, but health experts believe that it’s the manuka variety that packs the most powerful punch when it comes to fighting infection. It’s produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush, a tea tree-like plant with white flowers. This type of honey tends […]

Manuka honey is the healing pantry staple that’ll improve most aspects of your life

Honey has been around forever, but it has reemerged in modern times has both a “superfood” and medicine with tons of health benefits. As with most products, there is a range in the quality — and therefore healing properties — of honey. The honeybear that you grew up with will do in a pinch, though […]

Manuka Honey Natural Antibiotics

Over the last several decades, over-use of antibiotics has reached an all time high. The result has been drug resistant bacteria and “superbugs” that evolve faster than scientists can figure out how to fight them. A future where bacteria are the top of the food chain is not unheard of. Long before pharmaceuticals antibiotics – […]

Regular Honey Vs. Manuka Honey: What’s The Difference?

Regular or commercial honey is pasteurised (heated to high temperatures) and filtered to kill any yeast that may be present in order to prevent fermentation. Regular honey is smooth and uniform in colour. “Raw honey is honey in its natural state, meaning it has not been strained, filtered or heated. It can be made from […]

It is the ultimate superfood, so here are all the Manuka honey benefits for tip-top health and beauty

Manuka honey benefits for health and beauty have been celebrated for centuries, ever since it was used by the Maori community in New Zealand because of its incredible anti-bacterial and healing properties (it can even be used as a hay fever remedy), and celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannson are said to be big fans.

Manuka Honey winter benefits


If you are looking for natural skin care products this winter then manuka honey should be the one on your list. The honey is known for long for its incredible healing properties and is still an essential ingredient for medicinal usage. It is a great product for everyday digestive usage and skin health. This natural […]

Manuka Honey may be Antibiotic Powerhouse

Honey has been used therapeutically throughout history, with records of its cultural, religious and medicinal importance shown in rock paintings, carvings and sacred texts from many diverse ancient cultures. Honey was used to treat a wide range of ailments from eye and throat infections to gastroenteritis and respiratory ailments, but it was persistently popular as a […]

Is Manuka Honey good for Eczema?

Is Manuka Honey good for Eczema?   While the value of Manuka honey in the treatment of childhood eczema is yet to be proved, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence coming to the fore. In this article we look more closely at Manuka honey and ask whether it’s worth a try as you seek ways to […]

Your Life Depends on Bees!

They might be only 15mm long, but without bees there would be no life on Earth. Not only do bees produce honey for food, medication and well being, they are also essential to sustaining the world’s natural life cycle. As part of their pollen-collecting roles, bees pollinate at least 80% of the crops we rely on […]